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Ok! So Just a heads up – I am probably going to say a lot of obvious sh*t here. So let me just caveat that from the start; I AM GOING TO SAY A LOT OF OBVIOUS SH*T IN MY DEV BLOG! But I need you to understand where I am coming from.

1# I am not an indie game developer (was not?, am I one now? probably not. I dunno.) So this blog is not for amateur or experienced game developers. It’s for the clueless but the passionate wannabees, like me!  So if you are an indie game dev, and you are here, be kind please – I, and We (the people like me that want to make a game but dont know how), We just want to be like you and this is a process of how we start 🙂

2# I am obviously insecure about some things, but aren’t we all, and actually it is so much better not to hide it – understanding your sh*t will help you execute and make the right decisions. When someone asks you to help them decide if they should or shouldn’t end a relationship – you ask them about themselves and the other person. You do this so you know how to Help them make the right call.

3# Motivation and Enthusiasm is a contagious magic. You need this, You want it, If you don’t have it for this project of yours. Stop here. Go do something else. There will be moments and times when you and the people around you will become doubters (note that I include you in this) and they will try erect glass walls around you. You need the blind piercing force of a magic sword called motivation to shatter those glass walls at every moment they come. Because the glass wall will become a brick wall that will become a concrete wall that will become a fortress that traps you inside forever, and you will never accomplish jack sh*t after that. So arm yourself with that magical sword, and keep swiping like a mad man.

OK, I could add more points here but 3 is good. I also need to keep these next blog post shorter, because no-one has attention spans anymore – and I can waffle like an ice-cream shop. Hlib Rubanski my team mate on Vector Pop (and an actual real developer) is going to contribute to this blog. He is awesome.


Download and Play VECTOR POP too as this is the game and logic that the BLOG will talk about about:
Apple Download: http://goo.gl/p5Zdpb
Android Download: https://goo.gl/EwpPyZ

Thanks !

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