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We’re so damn excited to release our first game! Honestly its been the most amazing learning curve, especially for me having no experience in game development before. I wanted to share how we made our first game, and how I became we, and how a sketch became a neon landscape of 90’s madness.
I really hope it will be helpful to otehrs making their first game from scratch and with NO experience! like me –

I will be blogging a behind the scenes, and stepped process of the making of Vector Pop here, and I hope it inspires you to make your first game too.


Download and Play VECTOR POP too as this is the game and logic that the BLOG will talk about about:
Apple Download:
Android Download:

Thanks for being here with me!

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  • Sukhendra says:

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    • Bez says:

      Thanks Sukhendra!
      I dont know how to do that 🙂
      ATM I am writing this for the curious ones who want to hear some advice from a fellow first timer. I am no expert 🙂

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